Sunday, 29 July 2012

A Cosy Crochet Cover for a Cremated Loved One

18th May 1922 16th May 2011
May I introduce my Grandad Bill.  Although he passed away last year, he is still a big part of our everyday lives. He stands by the fireplace where he liked to read his paper, making him very much present on the three birthdays and the Christmas that my family have spent in his house.  His jobs in farming and gardening never stopped him from looking his best in a shirt, waistcoat, tie and jacket. Nowadays he is a bit more travel sized but this doesn’t mean he can’t look as distinguished as he did when he was alive. The functional green plastic urn we received him in may have appealed to his inner gardener, but it doesn’t quite reflect his warm persona, and neither would a traditional ceramic urn.  I didn’t want to create a cosy for him as such, that would put him in the league of a teapot cosy or a loo roll doll, but I wanted to cover him in something smart and familiar looking. Plus we still have a lot decorating to do in the sitting room and don’t want him to get freckled with white emulsion again…

Copyright Steffi Glaves 2012

I looked towards his waistcoats and jackets for colours and worked out a pattern with a few button holes so it could be easily changed. I started off with a granny square for the base, and when the square got big enough I stopped increasing the stitches at the corners so the walls can be formed, working my way upwards in single stitch. 

Copyright Steffi Glaves 2012

I’m really pleased with the end result. It almost has jacket lapels, and it doesn’t make him like a hot water bottle, which was my biggest worry. There's also an extra button hole for when we start painting the sitting room again.  I think Grandad would be happy with it too.


  1. Greetings Steffi,

    This is amazing! How wonderful that we both came to this conclusion to create urn cozies. What a charmig way to keep your Grandad Bill wrapped with warmth and love. (And I LOVE that pic of him!!)

    Would it be okay if I posted this on my blog?

  2. Wow thank you I really appreciate your feedback! It's great to see someone who is on a similar wavelength in regards to this sort of thing and comes up with new ways to celebrate someone's life.

    It would be my pleasure to have it on your blog!!!