Friday, 4 June 2010

Hand warmers 2

This is the first pair I made where they both have the exact fit. I’ve finally worked out my own pattern and have the right amount of stitches. Very pleased, I even worked out how to do a rib stitch. No need for buttons this time.

hand warmers

This is my first pair of crochet glove type thingies. The pair took 5 bus journeys to make and is made up of around 10 different types of thread. It’s the first and probably last attempt of making button-ups; one is longer than the other and is a little misshapen. I love them to pieces despite this, they’re ever so comfy and ill keep them forever and ever.


The task was to create an insect out of found objects, and so made a ladybird out of radio and computer parts. The outer shell is made from the top of a plastic bottle, and opens up for wings to poke through. Watch parts, bits of coke can and belt buckle was also used to create this piece. I made a smaller one out of coke can and a wide up motor, and could move but only in big circles. Unfortunatly it either got lost, chucked in the bin or nicked by the college cleaner I'll never know......

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Portfolio shenanigans

feathers feathers lovely feathers I made 4 different types, but I like the colours on this one best and its easier to wear. modeled by my lovely sister

3D foundation

Another lighting idea I conjured up a year ago. might try this on a larger scale as well. it was a lot simpler and less time consuming to make than the papiermache orb thingies.


Never in my college education would i have thought that I’d be playing with liquidised loo roll.

Paper manipulation was the response I chose for the theme of ‘Change’, which resulted in papier-mâché orb type things for a lighting idea. I’m quite pleased with the result; it would have been good however, to create a stronger recipe that could allow for larger structures. These ones are only 12cm in diameter.