Monday, 2 July 2012

Guest Book for Artisan Exhibition

This is one of those posts that should have been done waaaaay back in April while the final 2nd year exhibition was happening, but was too busy tearing my hair out to give a thought on how bad my time keeping is. 2nd year Design Crafts students were given the task to organise an exhibition as well as creating artefacts for it. This involved finding a premises, Marketing, organising food, catalogues, fundraising and pricing etc. It took place in Fabrika, Leicester on 24th-28th April and was a huge success, but more on that later.......
Along with helping out with fundraising I was asked to make a book for guests to write cheeky little comments in.
 I had holes laser cut into the plywood to so I could crochet a spine onto the back. It took about 3 hours just to get the spine done, as no matter how I sew it the back cover just wouldn't match the front perfectly. In the end I just gave up and let the squew-wiffness happen. I decided that it is the nature of a crochet stitch that doesn't enable the back cover to be in line with the front, as seen slightly in the image below. It created a bulk on the inside of each covers that caused issues for gluing end-papers. I decided in the end not to have them as I could attach the folios neat enough for it to become a decorative feature on the inside.

The idea was for students to contribute images that I could manipulate on a digital format so that there was a little surprise on each page. What I didn't expect however was how guests would doodle around them.

This image, donated by Martha Harris was crying out to be on the opening page. I love how someone added the worm on the other side.  I also love her blog:

 Can you see what someone's put amongst Steffnie Percival's cut out shapes? Check out her blog too, she exhibited some gorgeous spun and pierced bowls :

other contributions were made by textile, ceramic and light designers on the course and truly completed the book. Although not all the pages were written on I did see the odd one or two flicking through it to find   more images.

UNDER THE SEA!!!!!! Check out Nicola's laser cutting loveliness on her blog:

I'm sort of itching to make another one...........

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