Sunday, 12 December 2010

Connections Project

Drawings and samples for felted lighting idea. This project was based on brain cavities of different animals. I dissected and boiled a pig's head for research – wouldn't recommend it in a student flat.

Structure & Surface Worksheet

Textile Samples and Mono prints based on Sycamore seeds

Structure & Surface Necklace

This necklace is based on some continuous line drawings of conkers, that I did as part of the Structure & Surface project. I remade the shapes in copper, pressed, and heated them for different colours. It's quite a difficult piece to wear because of it's size, but I've worn it a couple of times and it hasn't broken yet so I'm quite pleased.

Glass bubble that only it's mother could love

I had my Glass Blowing induction a couple of weeks ago, and everyone in my class got to blow glass bubbles as the first exercise. Once it was annealed we were then let loose on the grinders and cutters etc. for decorating. I quenched mine for cracks and sandblasted the inside. The rim needs polishing and a base ground into it yet, but I'm unsure when I can get that done. Its a bit ugly at the moment but it doesn't matter, I'll love it forever!!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Studio Space

It was Project deadline for Structure & Surface. All of my samples are out, including the bowls and conker cosies featured in previous posts.

Sketchbook Pages

Sketchbook Pages

Just some pages I like from a rescent project, Structure and Surface.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Metal workshop

Beaten Bowls in copper, mild steel and aluminium. Three of them have been treated with a blowtorch to give different colours. The workshops at uni are becoming a little more appealing than sitting alone in my studiospace doing crochet all day. Looking forward to the Small Metals induction so I can do press forming and other things. Oooh I have Weave induction tomorrow, and Print on friday I'm so exited!!!!!!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Conker Cosies

Finally I've ended up at De Montort Uni!!! I just wanted to post these funny little things I've made on the course so far. The crochet lace is covering some conkers I found at the New Walk Museum. It's unclear as to what thier function is, or how they apply to the project brief 'Structure and Surface', but I'm sure a use for them will be found soon. I can't shake off the need to crochet but at least they're not gloves.

Friday, 17 September 2010

I made this as part of my last project at York College. Within the project of ‘Multiples,’ it was suggested that the class created imagery with lots of the same thing, multiple chairs, houses, natural objects etc. I came up with a very vague idea of ‘multiple stitches’. I drew out designs for bib necklaces, little capes and things, but I decided on making some sort of hand adornment in response to the project. I can’t say it’s a practical piece to wear, but I’m surprised by how well it fits with it being my first attempt – its very different to making gloves.

Wool Necklace

I can never throw out my wool scraps, even if they’re too small to make anything with. I made a chain, alternating between beads and wire wrapped in wool. It’s quite odd to look at, but I quite like it because it doesn’t swing from side to side when I walk. I have other long necklaces that do that get tangled in my bagstrap or ipod headphones.

Heart Purses

These hearts may look pretty pointless, but they contain more than most bog standard novelty purses. Undo the fasteners and they can be hung on a tree for advent tasty treats (its September and I’m thinking of Christmas already).

No More Gloves For Now.....

Unfortunately my favourite pair of hands are away in Prague, so a Bovril bottle will have to do for now. The fact that it’s not winter didn’t stop me from going OTT with making handwarmers over the past few months. Beading and doing things with wire has been a nice change.

Friday, 10 September 2010

I started these off at a pub quiz in Malton. Turns out general knowledge isn’t my strong point, so I stayed out of the way and stuck to gloves instead.

Long handwarmers in shell stitch, to keep my sister’s hands warm in Prague.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

gone wrong

This pair is too big for my sister’s tiny stubby hands.

buttons - again

I may have gone over the top on the button front. Never mind, I had a chance to make something over complicated, stripy and fussy with shiny bits on. If I was to crochet another pair I might not have added so many fasteners, or at least made them the same colour. I’m worried that they be too small for the nice lady I have made them for, but I don’t really mind because if she doesn’t like them I’ll gladly keep them for myself ^-^


After swearing off buttons in a previous post I decided to give them another chance. Though I haven’t added so many this time, these look just as cute as the last pair that had buttons and were much easier to make, so I may try making another pair that have a few more.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

more handwarmers

This must have been the 6th pair I have made in the past month or so, I really aught to learn to crochet fingers, or move on to creating something else!! This pair fits really well; making these was a rare occasion where I didn’t come across any problems. Usually one comes out bigger than the other or I do the stripes in the wrong order. I initially thought the colours wouldn’t go as well together as they have in this pair, but I’m pleased with the end result.

Gloves for my little-big sister

She looks all cute and snuggled in this pair, I can barely see her tiny little fingers amongst the thick wool ^-^

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Shells and Stones 2

Crochet chain, with items found at Runswick Bay. I wear this piece most of the time now, but I’m unsure how long the chain will last.

Shells and Stones

With this bracelet I got to drill lots. It’s an activity I enjoy a little more than what would be deemed as appropriate, but I encountered too many problems for me to make another piece. A lot of shells broke in the process, and it could take between 5-10 minutes to make a hole in each one. Also the dust created is very bad for my weary lungs. The pebbles, which I found at Runswick Bay, were much better to drill.

Bracelet in 10 minutes

Wool and fine thread, in blue, green and grey. I made the button in ceramics class, White St. Thomas clay and Tenmoku glaze.

made in 30 minutes

Beads, wool and crochet cotton. Due to the different types of thread used the tension of the stitches went a bit funny, but over all I like this bracelet with the pretty beady things.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Hand warmers 2

This is the first pair I made where they both have the exact fit. I’ve finally worked out my own pattern and have the right amount of stitches. Very pleased, I even worked out how to do a rib stitch. No need for buttons this time.

hand warmers

This is my first pair of crochet glove type thingies. The pair took 5 bus journeys to make and is made up of around 10 different types of thread. It’s the first and probably last attempt of making button-ups; one is longer than the other and is a little misshapen. I love them to pieces despite this, they’re ever so comfy and ill keep them forever and ever.


The task was to create an insect out of found objects, and so made a ladybird out of radio and computer parts. The outer shell is made from the top of a plastic bottle, and opens up for wings to poke through. Watch parts, bits of coke can and belt buckle was also used to create this piece. I made a smaller one out of coke can and a wide up motor, and could move but only in big circles. Unfortunatly it either got lost, chucked in the bin or nicked by the college cleaner I'll never know......

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Portfolio shenanigans

feathers feathers lovely feathers I made 4 different types, but I like the colours on this one best and its easier to wear. modeled by my lovely sister

3D foundation

Another lighting idea I conjured up a year ago. might try this on a larger scale as well. it was a lot simpler and less time consuming to make than the papiermache orb thingies.


Never in my college education would i have thought that I’d be playing with liquidised loo roll.

Paper manipulation was the response I chose for the theme of ‘Change’, which resulted in papier-mâché orb type things for a lighting idea. I’m quite pleased with the result; it would have been good however, to create a stronger recipe that could allow for larger structures. These ones are only 12cm in diameter.