Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Chien-Wei Chang Silver smithing Class

Earlier in February I was taught to make a cylindrical box as part of a class from Silver smith Chien-Wei Chang, which coincided with his own exhibition at the New Walk museum, Leicester. The aim of the 
session was for people to form, solder and make a tightly fitting lid. Everyone in the class had to bring along a personal object that is special to them to attach to the lid. This humble looking twig may look totally bonkers but it's special to me because it reminds me of a really nice walk I took with my Mum and sisters on the grounds of Shandy Hall near Helmsley N.Yorks. It also became the basis of one of my favourite projects this year. 

It may only be the ugly duckling that made me realise my appalling soldering skills but I love it any way. It was a really fun day and I came out with something that I can keep my beer money in. 

For More information on Chien-Wei Chang follow these links:

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