Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Shells and Stones 2

Crochet chain, with items found at Runswick Bay. I wear this piece most of the time now, but I’m unsure how long the chain will last.

Shells and Stones

With this bracelet I got to drill lots. It’s an activity I enjoy a little more than what would be deemed as appropriate, but I encountered too many problems for me to make another piece. A lot of shells broke in the process, and it could take between 5-10 minutes to make a hole in each one. Also the dust created is very bad for my weary lungs. The pebbles, which I found at Runswick Bay, were much better to drill.

Bracelet in 10 minutes

Wool and fine thread, in blue, green and grey. I made the button in ceramics class, White St. Thomas clay and Tenmoku glaze.

made in 30 minutes

Beads, wool and crochet cotton. Due to the different types of thread used the tension of the stitches went a bit funny, but over all I like this bracelet with the pretty beady things.