Friday, 17 September 2010

I made this as part of my last project at York College. Within the project of ‘Multiples,’ it was suggested that the class created imagery with lots of the same thing, multiple chairs, houses, natural objects etc. I came up with a very vague idea of ‘multiple stitches’. I drew out designs for bib necklaces, little capes and things, but I decided on making some sort of hand adornment in response to the project. I can’t say it’s a practical piece to wear, but I’m surprised by how well it fits with it being my first attempt – its very different to making gloves.

Wool Necklace

I can never throw out my wool scraps, even if they’re too small to make anything with. I made a chain, alternating between beads and wire wrapped in wool. It’s quite odd to look at, but I quite like it because it doesn’t swing from side to side when I walk. I have other long necklaces that do that get tangled in my bagstrap or ipod headphones.

Heart Purses

These hearts may look pretty pointless, but they contain more than most bog standard novelty purses. Undo the fasteners and they can be hung on a tree for advent tasty treats (its September and I’m thinking of Christmas already).

No More Gloves For Now.....

Unfortunately my favourite pair of hands are away in Prague, so a Bovril bottle will have to do for now. The fact that it’s not winter didn’t stop me from going OTT with making handwarmers over the past few months. Beading and doing things with wire has been a nice change.

Friday, 10 September 2010

I started these off at a pub quiz in Malton. Turns out general knowledge isn’t my strong point, so I stayed out of the way and stuck to gloves instead.

Long handwarmers in shell stitch, to keep my sister’s hands warm in Prague.