Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Wedding Guest Book

As it has recently been this lovely couple’s anniversary, and I managed to retrieve the long-lost photos, I thought today’s long overdue blogpost could be about a guest book and some other things I made for a wedding. When I first got the enquiry email, a long time ago, I thought this would be a great opportunity to see to my book binding craving. Other than my tiny enamelled books, I hadn’t been able to make anything of a normal book size since university. 

The guidelines given were sage green, cream, lacey edging, and paper cutting, and I was also to make place cards, pendants and fancy packaging for the bridesmaids.

The cover for the book features a little hand embroidery (the nail biting part - never again!!) and green ribbon which I wove into some gorgeous handmade lace. I envisaged lacy cut bits all the way through the book, and I used my cameo silhouette cutter to add little half pages and pockets with paper inserts.  

Then I thought - sweet!! I can make a box for this!! So I made a box with their first initials on it, and it made me happy.

 I thought tags would be the way to go with place cards because after the wedding they could have potential for another uses for the guests.

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  1. Thank you for making our beautiful wedding guests book and all of the other gorgeous bits! We were so happy with everything it worked perfectly with our venue. Claire & David x