Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Sorry guys it's been a while...

I am a bad person, for the last 7 months or so I have neglected E-Blogger for the likes of Instagram. As you may have noticed I don't give out much in terms of written content, so you can see why hash-tagging instead of stringing a sentence together appeals to me.

I've been up to quite a bit over the past few months, a lot of making and working and the odd bit of selling. I have a biggish project on the horizon which I will reveal once it's set in stone.

I also went to Sri Lanka, which was pretty gorgeous. There was beach and blue sky as expected, but oddly enough the pictures I took were mainly of  textures. In fact I have more images of tree bark than of anything of actual interest to a normal person. So that is what I will leave you with for the time being, my exciting collection of walls and floors. If you need me I will be hash-tagging my grammatically inept heart out elsewhere. Enjoy.


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