Wednesday, 21 March 2012

From Laser Cutting to Enamel

First I came across this shape from playing around with some broken laser cut pieces....
......and then I pierced it in copper and popped a bit of enamel on it.
With the first layer of flux, I completely forgot I had it in the kiln and so it got a little over cooked. Luckily I loved the green red that occurred as a result. It's a shame that I couldn't leave it like this because it was too fragile.
However, if it wasn't for the overcooking I wouldn't have gotten this lovely translucent pink and green surface with further layers. I love happy accidents!! 


  1. I love the organic appearance of the forms, and the colours. They remind me a bit of the work of an artist called Roger Dean, who illustrated the covers of a lot of LPs in the 1970s. (That is not an accusation of plagiarism Steff, just an observation!)

    1. Oooh I see what you mean!! I vaguely recognise his work from looking though my Mum's fantasy art book collection when I was young. Thanks for the comment