Sunday, 3 February 2013

Laser Cutting in Polypropylene

I've been back on the laser cutter, playing with card and plastics, while waiting for my ceramic pieces to be fired.This is definitely my favourite model so far, I think it looks like a space ship that would leave Captain Kirk quaking at the knees. However I need to redesign the construction tabs and other things so that there's no need for glue. My next step is to find some contrasting materials to be suspended in the or intertwined within the piece, and work out better colours. It turns out that Polypropylene cannot be sprayed or dyed, so I've been faffing around with different plastic suppliers to find a colourful alternative.  I also want to play around with arranging multiples and stacking. I prepared a file ready for it to cut in mild steel on the water jet cutter, to see what it looks like on a larger scale. 


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