Monday, 14 January 2013

Water Jet Cutting Part 2

I did it!!!! I expected my ham-fisted score lines to snap but it survived!!!! I need some opinions on finishes. I could let it rust and have it lacquered, or spray it in a bold colour. I'm thinking red for some reason, anything but white as it nearly looks like a snowflake already. What I have decided on is that it needs to be matt, and that it will become a table lamp.......somehow.....


  1. Shame you couldnt coat it in chrome!
    As its going to be a lamp it would help reflect the light x

    1. I could do it in polished stainless steel, but it would be harder to fold.... I could even do it in a tinted acrylic.....ooh I have no idea any more. I bought some light fittings from Wilkinson's today, hopefully will be able to turn it into a lamp If I don't get electrocuted in the process. I'll put up some photo's when it's lit up. thanks for commenting :-)