Thursday, 10 May 2012

Enamel and Crochet Pendants

All of the enamelling I have done this year have been done with a gas kiln that looks like an invention Robot Wars with masking tape holding the glass window in place, but with this batch of pendants I got to use one of Lynne Glazzard's lovely electric ones. It's so sweet and little and red it nearly made me squeel a teeny bit, the feeling I got using it was similar to when I saw this kitten video: 

.......Aaaaanyway there is probably a really obvious explanation, but for some reason in this electric kiln the oxide left on the copper leaves a lovely speckled surface when teamed with flux. I have tried it with the gas kiln at uni but it turns into a black mess. I had big colour plans for them but after the first layer of flux I decided to leave them as they are. 

Copyright Steffi Glaves 2012


  1. There are some really cool pendants with enough room on the edges to crochet around them. They look really cool!

    1. Thank you!! Your website is gorgeous