Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Enamel Pendant

I had a wonderful enamelling session with Lynne Glazzard I made a few pieces including this one, which is a practice piece for a larger pendant I hope to do at Uni. A mix of white and ruby lead free enamel that has buffed back for a matt finish and to reveal the copper wire. Unfortunately I got distracted by Horrible Histories on IPlayer and buffed back too much of  the top white segment so the copper blank can be seen underneath. Never mind though, It's these sort of reasons why I do test pieces.

To find out more about Lynne Glazzard's work go onto her Profile on Open Studios...

...OR if you want to see my Mum and I in fetching aprons and some more of  Lynne's work go onto her website
Along with enamelling she does some gorgeous lamp work and silver clay pieces.

Copyright Steffi Glaves 2012

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