Monday, 9 January 2012

Pendants for Fundraising

Some little Valentines treats to raise funds for the Design Crafts 2nd year Exhibition. These are just mock ups, I intent to recreate these in acrylic but I think these look rather nice in MDF. Now I have the fun job of working out how to sell these online.....


  1. Sell them on

  2. Ooh no, don't sell them via Etsy. Selling them that way will eat at your profits as you'll have to pay the associated fees.

    I'm not entirely sure how you could sell them online but you could go for the old fashioned way. Make a super cute Valentines themed tray with a big bow of ribbon to go round your neck and traipse round University. They'll go down a treat!

    Have a look at this for inspiration...

    If you scroll down that page a tad you'll see what I mean.

    Good luck with the selling. Make sure you come see us in third year Textiles, I'll happily buy one to help your funding!

    Lorna Fay x

    1. Lorna Fay that's such a sweet idea!!!! ooh I could lasercut my own tray, I'm quite exited about it now ^-^
      thanks for your comment x