Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Lasercut in Calico

Same design as the plywood before but in Calico. Only now do I see how flimsy the pattern is - just taking it off the lasercutter made parts of it snap. the most obvious application for for this in my opinion is lighting.

Garland, Lights, Studio Tord Boontje

I have heard Tord Boontje's name bounced around the studio from time to time, but it wasn't untill I looked him up that I dicovered my lasercut holds such resemblance to a piece of his, made for Habitat in 2002. This 'Garland Light' is a long metal arrangement of flowers that can be wrapped around any lightbulb. I remember admiring this piece in a schoolfreind's kitchen when I was around 15, so it was a delight to stumble upon it on his homepage. 

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